1. Love

    I know you don’t notice me but there is something. Have you ever felt that pull to someone. That thing you have with no one else the one where you just i don’t even know how to describe it. Like just an explosion in side of me. I just I want to be with you I want to be near you. I want you to hold me. I just I………… I want to be with you you are the most beautiful guy I have ever seen ever inside and out. I can’t go on with out putting it out there for everyone or no one to see. The way you talk the way you laugh your every thing. I just………… I sometimes can’t even believe your real. Your to perfect in my eyes. Ever thing about you gives me the chills. I just want to kiss you and hold you forever. You are amazing to me. I feel like no one can live up to you. I have actually said that before. That somebody would have to work really really really hard to get where you are but I just wanted to post this because I think that maybe just maybe we are meant to be.

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